Patch 6.2.3 crossrealm mythic + 5 ilvl upgrade valorpoints

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Timewalk With Me: New Timewalking Dungeons

Get ready to go back in time to experience  six iconic dungeons from Cataclysm with this new Timewalking bonus event. You’ll be able to face the foes within Grim Batol, Stonecore, Lost City of Tol’vir, The Vortex Pinnacle, Throne of Tides, and End Time once more and reap the treasures within.

To round out our Timewalking journey, we’ll also be adding the Pit of Saron to the Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking bonus event and the Magister’s Terrace to the Burning Crusade Timewalking bonus event.

Lest we forget, there’s just one more bit of news that’s bound to draw you into the vortex to do a little Timewalking. Players will now have a chance to loot a rare Infinite Timereaver mount from any Timewalking boss.

Developer Insights
One of the most common requests we’ve heard ever since introducing Timewalking was for there to be some way to obtain an Infinite Dragonflight mount, since it’d fit perfectly with the theme of time manipulation, aside from being just plain cool-looking. We agree. Inspired by Murozond, the final boss of the End Time dungeon that is included in the Cataclysm Timewalking rotation, the Infinite Timereaver will be a rare drop from any dungeon boss during all of the Timewalking events.

Cross-Realm Mythic Raiding

With the patch we’ll also be introducing Cross-Realm Mythic Raiding. You’ll now be able to join with friends, fill that one last spot, or have an easier time recruiting to backfill missing raid slots, allowing you to take on some of the most difficult encounters in Warlords of Draenor.
Valor for the Valorous

With the patch we’ll be bringing back Valor as a currency. You’ll will be able earn Valor once more by taking part in Heroic and Mythic Dungeons, from various Bonus Events, and via the first run through Raid Finder each week. To upgrade, visit your friendly neighborhood ethereal to upgrade gear up to five item levels at a time, up to two times per piece of gear.

Developer Insights
Dungeon content shines when its difficulty is appropriate to players’ power level, so Mythic dungeons will be the most lucrative source of Valor for players who have items from Tanaan or Hellfire Citadel. For those who are still gearing up to tackle Mythic dungeons, or who prefer to use queued matchmaking, Raid Finder wings and the first Heroic dungeon each day will also provide Valor, as will most of Seer Kazal’s weekly event quests. Ethereal Voidbinders have made their way through time and space to Stormshield and Warspear, as well as returning to Orgrimmar and Stormwind, to allow players to use this Valor to upgrade their gear by up to 10 item levels. We decided to go with item upgrades rather than a Valor vendor because item upgrades offer power that complements items from other sources rather than competing with them.
Gift of the Grove Warden

Soon, players who dare to face the fearsome might of Archimonde will receive an added bonus. For a limited time, defeating Archimonde on Heroic difficulty or higher will reward players with a mysterious fragment of dark power that begins a quest. When you bring this fragment to the druids of Moonglade, you’ll learn a little more about what’s in store for Azeroth, and the druids will give you a majestic Grove Warden mount in thanks for your efforts. This quest won’t be available forever—our current plan is to retire the quest in an update some time before Legion’s launch, so grab some friends and head to Hellfire Citadel while you can.

More Bigger Better: Item Rewards

We’re expanding the range of item quality for players within Mythic Dungeons and Tanaan Jungle. Players who take part in Mythic Dungeons will have a chance to gain items up to item level 725, and players who receive Baleful items will now have a chance to gain items up to item level 695. Players in Mythic Dungeons will also now have a chance to loot a new Heirloom Trinket that will scale to level 110.

 Developer Insights
Running a dungeon is a bit more exciting when there’s a chance you might get a direct item upgrade, versus simply earning a predictable amount of currency per run. Thus, we’re also expanding the power of Warforged items in Mythic dungeons—rather than a static +20 item level bonus when a Mythic dungeon item is Warforged, there will be a chance for even greater increases in power. The very luckiest players might even obtain item level 725 versions of the dungeon drops, with increasingly better odds of 720, 715, and so forth, fully spanning the range from 685 to 725 in five item-level increments. We’re also applying this system to Baleful items from Tanaan itself, which can now range in quality from item level 655 all the way to 695. Raiding, crafting, and PvP will remain the most reliable sources of the best gear available, but we’d like to create the chance for surprise when you’re adventuring out in the world or in dungeons.
Arena Season 3

We’re also preparing to end Warlords Arena Season 2 and transition to Warlords Arena Season 3. We’ll have more details to share on this transition between seasons and the distribution of rewards in the near future.

Developer Insights:
With Arena Season 3 we’ll be introducing new gear, including Warmongering Aspirant gear at PvP item level 715, Warmongering Combatant gear at 730, and Warmongering Gladiator gear at 740.

Make sure you keep an eye out for the complete patch, 6.2.3 notes and we’ll look forward to seeing you on the Public Test Realm.

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upgradeable items ..

warforged can have more ilvl ..

valor points ..


aufwärmen von altem kram .. gz blizz -.-


andererseits macht mans ja dann trotzdem .. see mop

von daher ggf mal wieder bisserl was zu tun ..

mal schaun, ob es gut genug ist, dass es auch motiviert

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das schreit doch wieder nach Sellruns für Archi HC fürs Mount :biggrin:


Stellt sich mir dann nur die Frage, wie es dropt.

Man kann da ja mehrmals rein, auch wenn man ihn schon down hat. Reicht es, wenn einer lootberechtigt ist, damit das Mount dropt?

Dann kann man das echt bis zum Abwinken wiederholen. ^^

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Das mount scheint eine Quest zu sein, zumindest hab ichs so gelesen, kein bossdrop, oder?



Geschenk des Hainwächters

Wenn ihr euch Archimonde stellt, wartet eine zusätzliche Belohnung auf euch. Bei einem Sieg über Archimonde auf der heroischen Schwierigkeitsstufe erhalten Spieler ein mysteriöses Fragment von dunkler Macht, das eine Quest startet. Die Druiden der Mondlichtung könnten euch damit möglicherweise weiterhelfen und einige neue Fragen aufwerfen. Eure Mühen werden euch mit dem majestätischen Reittier, dem Wächter des Hains, vergolten. Diese Quest wird nur für begrenzte Zeit verfügbar sein und endet mit dem Start des Vorbereitungspatches von Legion.

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Jo das klingt so das du das beim Firstkill einfach als Persoloot bekommst, ähnlich wie die Waffen bei Garrosh damals nach dem Patch. 

Wir haben da immer zu 20. 10 gezogen und für 8-10k pro Person und dauer von kaum 10 minuten kam da gut was bei rum. 1 Abend 6-8 runs.

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jo bin def. dabei ;) (nur für eigene Kassa versteht sich - Legion braucht gold unso)

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garrosh haben wir soweit ich mich erinnere 5-8 mann carry angeboten. 20 mann carry klingt nach zu viel, die lust haben müssen... würd eher so in die richtung 7-9 mann carry tendieren und max 15 machen... muss man testen

problem ist halt auch, dass du 2 tanks brauchst :(

Edited by Zeeta
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need geld :sad:

du brauchst erstmal neue Mitbewohner / ne neue Wohnung. :P

Generell bin ich Sellruns gegenüber positiv gestimmt. Hab da ja auch zu SoO fleißig mitgegeiert :D


Wenn alle das Blackhand Mount haben, könnte man das ja unter anderem auch verkaufen. Sollte auch einiges an Gold in die Kassen der einzelnen spühlen.

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Items upgraden, dann die woche drauf nen sockel bekommen und erstmal ordentlich kotzen

wie macht ihr das, einfach mal nur BiS items die schon wf sind upgraden oder nur mit sockel oder wie?

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